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The Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS), Pune, which began in a humble way in 1916 as a Special Irrigation Division of the then Bombay Presidency, is today an institution of international standing. At its inception, the institution was located at Hadapsar, on the banks of Mutha Right Bank Canal that originated from the then Lake Fife, the reservoir formed by Khadakwasla dam.

At the turn of the century, the then Bombay Province was faced with diverse problems of irrigation, ranging from the alluvial rivers in Sind in the North to the black cotton soils in the Deccan Plateau overlying disintegrated basalt. While attempting to transfer the north Indian experience with irrigation canal systems to the Deccan plateau, major difficulties were experienced due to the different crops grown in the two areas, and the rainfall pattern that happened to be much different in both the regions. The introduction of irrigation in the Deccan plateau resulted in deterioration of the land quality in the served areas mainly due to water logging and sodium efflorescence. The institute took up the first hydrodynamic problem in 1919, when it was recognised that the Deccan channels that carried varying discharges over the year needed special-purpose outlet devices, different from those used in north India where the irrigation canals remained at full supply levels throughout the year.

The early experiments conducted with hydraulic models led to studies on river and canal hydrodynamics, which by 1928 became the major activity of the institution. Studies conducted at the institute, in the post World War I period, for silt exclusion from canals at Sukkur barrage on Indus river, and protection of bridges at Hardinge on Ganga and Kolaghat on Rupnarain, proved the importance of a hydrodynamic research station in comprehending the shifting tendency of alluvial rivers and determining protection and training measures.

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