Intrenational Business Manager

Emporis Organisation

Emporis Organisation is a young, diversified company with a proud supporter of building leaders within the diverse Indian market in the field of Service and Management.
 We specialize in creating results oriented and actionable relationships between the brand and the customer getting the best possible return on investment for our clients
Emporis GmbH is a real estate data mining company with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. The company collects and publishes data and photographs of buildings worldwide.
Emporis offers a variety of information on its public database,, located at
Emporis is frequently cited by various media sources as an authority on building data.
Emporis previously focused exclusively on high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, which it defines as buildings "between 35 and 100 metres" tall and "at least 100 metres tall", respectively.
Today, the database has expanded to include low-rise buildings and other structures.


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