Sepoy Pharma Vacancies in India, Indian Army, Pan India

Indian Army

Chairman/MD/CEO : General Bipin Rawat

Head Office : New Delhi, Delhi

Education Requirement : 12TH

No of Vacancy : 1

Position - Sepoy Pharma Vacancies In India
Category - Pharma
Company - Indian Army
Location - Pan India, India
No of Vacancy - 1
Salary - 2 Lakh To 3 Lakh
Posted On - 2019-07-05
Locality - Room No B-30, ADG PI South Block Integrated Headquarters of MoD (Army) New Delhi

Sepoy Pharma Vacancies in India

Qualification in Details:

10+ 2 or equivalent exam passed in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. Qualified in D Pharma with Min 55% marks in aggregate and registered with State Pharmaceutical council /Pharmacy council of India. Individuals qualified in B Pharma with min 50% marks and registered with State Pharmaceutical Council / Pharmacy council of India are also eligible.
Age Limit: 19-25 Years.

Documents Required

(a) Admit Card.
(b) Photograph.
(c) Education Certificates.
(d) Domicile Certificate
(e) Caste Certificate.
(f) Religion Certificate.
(g) School Character Certificate.
(h) Character Certificate.
(j) Unmarried Certificate.
(k) Relationship Certificate
(l) NCC Certificate.
(m) Sports Certificate.
(n) Affidavit
(o) Single Bank A/C, PAN card & AADHAR Card.

Selection Procedure

1. Physical Fitness Test
2. Physical Measurement
3. Medical Test
4. Written Test

Apply Procedure

1. Administration. Candidates are advised to bring sufficient eatables and drinking water with them since recruitment is a time consuming process.
2. Candidates will be permitted entry into the rally site only on production of Admit Card in duplicate generated online through the official website Anyone found with fake admit card will be handed over to civil police.
3. Recruitment into the army is a free service. Candidates are advised not to pay bribe to anyone for recruitment as it is based purely on merit. Selection process during recruitment at all stages is computerized and transparent. Therefore, candidates are advised to be beware of touts as they cannot help them at any stage.
4. Candidates are advised to check their age & education criteria before participating in the rally Candidates found under age/overage and not meeting education criteria will be disqualified.
5. Giving / taking bribe, production of bogus/ fake certificates and indulging in unfair means is a criminal offence and liable for punishment under law.
6. Certificate with overwriting, tampering of seals or erasing/alteration of any type will not be accepted.
7. All documents submitted by the candidates are verified by government agencies before enrolment into Army. Strong legal action will be taken against individuals submitting fake documents. Even after recruitment, the service will be terminated if candidates are found to have produced fake documents or gave wrong information at the time of recruitment, despite the number of years of service individual may have rendered.
8. On production of fake documents, FIR will be lodged and the candidate will be handed over to Police along with all original documents.
9. No compensation for Death/ Injury/ loss etc during the rally and no travelling allowance/dearness allowance for journey is admissible. Candidates will participate in the rally at their own risk and the participation is totally and entirely voluntary. The signing of indemnity Bond is a mandatory requirement.
10. Character certificate without photo attested by certificate issuing authority will be rejected.
11. Candidates to come for the rally only on the date as per Admit Card. Candidates should bring pen, Handkerchief, eatable items (to last till evening) and drinking water during rally.
12. Use of any kind of performance enhancing drugs is strictly banned, candidates having been found to have used the same will be debarred from further screening.
13. Tattoo. Permanent body tattoos of religious sentiment are only permitted on inner face of forearms i.e from inside of elbow to the wrist and on the reverse of palm/back (dorsal) side of hand. Permanent body tattoos on any other part of the body are not acceptable and candidates will be barred from further selection.
14. If 180 days or more lapse between screening medical at the rally and dispatch, medical will be done again and unfit candidates in this review will not be recruited.
15. Selection is provisional till Radhari Certificate is issued and candidates are dispatched for training.
16. Mobile phones are not permitted in the rally site and at the time of CEE.
17. At the rally site, all candidates should report duly shaved for identification at various stages of rally process failing which candidate can be barred from participation in recruitment rally.
18. Candidates are advised in their own interest to undergo medical exam before coming for selection especially with respect to flat foot, poor vision, deformities and physical measurements. All are advised to ensure that their ears are free of wax by getting it cleaned by a doctor prior to the rally.
19. Candidates may have to present themselves at rally site for three to four days. Candidates should make arrangement for stay under their own arrangements.
20. Negative marking would be applicable in CEE.
21. Result of written examination will be declared on the official website No separate letter will be sent to the candidate. It is responsibility of candidate to check his result and report to ARO for documentation.

Overview Indian Army

The infusion of high technology based precision weaponry has enhanced the lethality of future warfare manifold. The spectrum of threat ranges from the nuclear to the conventional and the asymmetric, with terrorism emerging like a hydra-headed monster. Add to this the rigours of climate i.e. the glacial heights and extreme cold, dense mountainous jungles and the heat and simoom of the deserts. Such are the trying environs in which a soldier operates. However, to a soldier facing such challenges and going beyond the call of duty is but second nature. Life's turbulences and turmoils have a special flavour for him. For those not exposed to a war or war like environment, this flavour is beyond the realms of imagination. The Indian Army soldier is infused by a set of values that make the soldier willingly face a plethora of challenges and difficulties, and when the call may come, to give the ultimate sacrifice in the service of the Nation. The ethos of the Army is ingrained in all soldiers with an unwavering will to succeed, accepting their grave responsibility and an unbridled ability to give their lives for others; confident that in return the nation will look after them and their families. The values of the army infused in the soldier through the years of training are enumerated below


The spirit of comradeship and brotherhood of the brave, regardless of caste, creed or religion. The motto is, "One for all and all for one"!

Spirit of Selfless Sacrifice

The tradition is never to question, but to do or die for the three "Ns"; Naam, i.e. name-honour- of the unit/Army/Nation, 'Namak'(salt) i.e. loyalty to the Nation, and 'Nishan', i.e. the insignia or flag of his unit/regiment/Army/Nation which the soldiers hold afloat willingly.


Fearlessness in combat and in the face of the enemy even when fighting against great odds or even when facing sure death.


The Indian Army does not discriminate on account of caste, creed or religion. A soldier is a soldier first and anything else later. He prays under a common roof. It is this unique character, which makes him bind in a team despite such diversity.

Fairness and Honesty

The spirit of honesty and fair play. He fights for a just cause that extends even to the enemy (prisoner or wounded).

Discipline and Integrity

Discipline and integrity impart the feeling of patriotism, honesty and courage under all circumstances, however strong be the provocation otherwise.

Fidelity, Honour and Courage

He is a man on whose shoulders lies the honour and integrity of his nation. He knows that he is the last line of defence and he cannot fail the Nation.

Death to Dishonour

A close bond amongst soldiers forces them to choose death to dishonour. The concept of 'IZZAT' (HONOUR) in the clan / unit enables them to shun the fear of death; to be called a coward in the peer group is worse than death.


A soldier has to be forthright, for on his word the men he leads are going to lay down their lives without questioning why.

These values stoke the attitude of Service before Self in every soldier. The famous credo of Chetwode Hall is deeply imbibed in the men in Olive Green. It is the spirit of this credo, imbibed in every officer that binds him with his men in an unshakeable bond of camaraderie.

Jobs in Indian Army According to the Role - Functional Area

50.9 % Jobs in Indian Army are for Military  Role
9 % Jobs in Indian Army are for Securities Trading  Role
8.6 % Jobs in Indian Army are for Security Services  Role
6.8 % Jobs in Indian Army are for Administration / Facility / Transport  Role
4 % Jobs in Indian Army are for Back Office Operations  Role
3.1 % Jobs in Indian Army are for Audit  Role
2.9 % Jobs in Indian Army are for Finance / Accounts / Tax  Role
2.3 % Jobs in Indian Army are for Data Entry  Role
2.2 % Jobs in Indian Army are for Technical Support / Helpdesk  Role
1.9 % Jobs in Indian Army are for Police  Role
1.8 % Jobs in Indian Army are for Maintenance  Role
1.8 % Jobs in Indian Army are for Civil Services  Role
1.6 % Jobs in Indian Army are for Service / Installation / Repair  Role
1.6 % Jobs in Indian Army are for Customer Service   Role
1.4 % Jobs in Indian Army are for Secretary / PA / Steno  Role

Jobs in Indian Army according to Qualification - Degree

28.1 % Jobs in Indian Army require B.A  
8.8 % Jobs in Indian Army require Diploma  
4.2 % Jobs in Indian Army require B.Com  
4 % Jobs in Indian Army require B.Sc  
54.8 % Jobs in Indian Army require 10+2 or Below  

Jobs in Indian Army  according to Education Backgroud

30.3 % Employees in Indian Army are from Arts and Humanities background
23.1 % Employees in Indian Army are from Other background
12.6 % Employees in Indian Army are from Science background
11.9 % Employees in Indian Army are from Commerce background
3.2 % Employees in Indian Army are from History background
3 % Employees in Indian Army are from English background
2.9 % Employees in Indian Army are from Political Science background
2.2 % Employees in Indian Army are from Hindi background
2.1 % Employees in Indian Army are from Electronics/Telecommunication background
1.7 % Employees in Indian Army are from HR/ Industrial Relations background
1.6 % Employees in Indian Army are from Mechanical background
1.5 % Employees in Indian Army are from Computers background
1.5 % Employees in Indian Army are from Economics background
1.4 % Employees in Indian Army are from Management background
1.1 % Employees in Indian Army are from Sociology background

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Sepoy Pharma Vacancies in India

Indian Army


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